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Topics Covered:


Are You Ready for Dog Ownership?


Thoughts to Ponder Before Fetching a Fido of Your Own


How to Choose the Right Breed of Dog For Your Family


Separating the Fact From Fiction in Regards to Spay or Neutering Your Pet


Want a Dog? Don’t Go to a Pet Shop to Buy One!


Does Your Mutt Have What It Takes to Be a Therapy Dog?


Why Dogs Can Be Great Therapy for Humans


Sweet Nothings: What a Dog Whisperer Can Do For Your Fido


Top Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Dog


Travel Smart: How to Keep Your Dog or Puppy Safe and Happy


Can’t Bring Your Dog on a Trip? Tips on Choosing a Caring Boarding Kennel


Caring for Your New Mama Mutt Before and After the Birthing Process

EVERYTHING DOGGIE: From Choosing a Pup to Selecting a Kennel

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