PTSD & Service Dogs

  • More than 7 million adults suffer from PTSD in America

  • 82% of those who have suffered from PTSD has reported significant symptom reduction with a service dog in a recent study

Service Dogs can improve the overall life of a veteran by reducing stress, helping with tasks, emotional support, repairing social skills, reducing depression, increasing sleep quality and much much more. 

Nothing is more warming than to look by your side to see a loving face who is there for you and your needs unconditionally. 

Utilizing Dogs as PTSD for Veterans has been a breakthrough in these last few years. More and more success stories are coming forth and all the amazing benefits. 

Service Dogs help people with disabilities other than vision or hearing impairment. With specific training these canines can help alleviate many different types of disabilities.


  • wheelchair assistance

  • balance issues

  • autism

  • seizure alert and response

  • low blood sugar alert

  • PTSD

Service Dogs can be trained to perform specific actions such as 

  • fetch certain objects

  • open and close doors

  • turn light switches off and on

  • bark to indicate help is needed

Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)  are noticing that having a dog by their side can help their symptoms, allowing them to function better in everyday life.  Service dogs can be trained to help the symptoms of PTSD. 


Ways a Service Dog helps PTSD symptoms

  • Help the person feel secure with a companion

  • reduce depression

  • increase the quality of sleep

  • reduce anxiety

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